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影音/千萬不要把寵物留在車裡 實驗告訴你為什麼

叫我P爺 2015/06/16 08:00
影音/千萬不要把寵物留在車裡 實驗告訴你為什麼





** Hot Cars Kill Dogs **It only takes a few minutes for a dog to suffer the effects of being left in a car. Even if that car has its windows left open or has been left in the shade it is still not safe!Under 20 minutes in a hot car can prove fatal to a dog should its body temperature exceed 41°C. On a 22°c day it can reach 47°c in the car in an hour! At 26°c outside it can reach 37°c in just 10 mins!Dogs overheat quickly which means they could be at serious risk in only a short time. Please share our video - to help spread the message. www.dogstrust.org.uk/whats-happening/issues-campaigns/hot-cars-kill-dogs/

Posted by Dogs Trust on 2015年6月12日